"Grayson Yockey...has the boundless energy, surging emotions and determination of any gifted but inexperienced young man in love." -CTXLive Review of Grayson as "Romeo" in Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet


A Singer and Speaker of Words… Teller of Stories… Lover of Animals… Player of Games… Reader of Books… Watcher of Television…

Grayson is an actor, singer, dancer, director, and overall decent human being currently living the nomadic life of a traveling performer. He is a proud alumnus of Texas State University where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theater under the direction of Kaitlin Hopkins. Go Bobcats!

He has been surrounded by theater and the arts for as long as he can remember. Born into a theatrical family of two former actors, Grayson has been on stage for most of his life, and stepped into the spotlight for the first time at the young age of seven.

A Texas Boy, through and through, Grayson was born in Galveston, and grew up in Fort Worth. Moving to Kansas City, Kansas for his years of high school, he was eager to get back to his home state for college. His family now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Grayson loves all things comic book related. A passion that started at birth as he was named after Richard John "Dick" Grayson, the original Robin, sidekick to the caped crusader, Batman, though he now loves both Marvel and DC equally. He is also a HUGE Game of Thrones fan, having read all of the books twice and seen every season of the show at least a half a dozen times, and as a Stark, pledges his allegiance to the King in The North. He has great affection for all kinds of animals but loves his dogs, Gizmo and Ginger, the most.